Main job functions of a commercial locksmith

A commercial locksmith’s main focus is to keep your business secure as possible without costing you an extreme amount of money. When you own your own business you need to know that regardless of if you are there or not the business is not only running like it should and making you money but also secure to avoid the misfortune of losing money due to theft or vandalism. Our commercial locksmiths technicians are always on call since each of our customers line of business is unique so are the hours they keep. Having a trustworthy locksmith service you can contact at any time of the day or night to come right out to your business and take care of any type of commercial locksmiths issue you are experiencing.

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As a business owner there are many of different occasions that may arise that you will require the assistance of a skilled commercial locksmiths technician. Some of the reasons are just for basic security improvements at your location, others may be needed due to a recent firing of an employee and others might be due to a bit of forgetfulness. No matter why you need a professional commercial locksmith you can be sure that whatever time of the business day it is for you with a quick phone call into our customer service representatives you can have a skilled professional commercial locksmith at your side with all the tools and parts they will need to complete your task right away.

Some of the most common calls we receive for commercial locksmiths services is for a lock change, this type of service occurs for many different reasons but we have found the most common is due to a employee departing from the business and the owner wanting to make sure they will not be able to access the building without permission. Each of our technicians arrives in a clearly marked mobile service unit that they keep fully stocked with various high security commercial grade locks. Once on site the technicians get to work quickly and are able to change out all the locks and replace them with brand new ones or rekey your existing locks and provide you with the new keys. Having the locks rekeyed will save you a ton of money but sometimes this is not the best way to go about things, especially if the building you are renting has certain insurance clauses requiring a fresh lock to be installed.  The safest options for all parties involved is a full commercial lock change, but consult with your landlord if you want to look into different options. The next most common call we receive is for security upgrades, these are usually required after the business has experienced some misfortune, like a robbery or break in or even worse internal theft. When our commercial locksmiths arrive on site they will quickly provide the business owner with a security evaluation. And then discuss all the options they have to upgrade the security of their business, from installing new more secure locks on the entry doors, installing security cameras, implementing a master key system, or adding a safe to keep the valuables of the business secure even when the business is not opened.

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Our commercial locksmiths are always ready to come out to your business and provide you with any type of locksmith service you may need, from lock changes, re-keying, installing a new security system or cameras, resetting the combination to the safe in the office or simply unlocking a file cabinet we are here and ready when you need us. For more information of the services offered by our commercial locksmiths technicians please contact our customer service department.

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