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Los Angeles Locksmith is a leader in automotive locksmith, commercial locksmith and residential locksmith services, however Los Angeles Locksmith can also be your first call for any locksmith related safe services. The professional locksmiths from Los Angeles Locksmith are trained to operate on multiple types of safes and complete service that go with each type of safe. So now not only does Los Angeles Locksmith provide outstanding customer service to those living in the Los Angeles area but we are also able to complete a wide range of services which includes safe services.

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Safes were meant to keep your valuables safe and keep intruders out, but what happens when you have locked yourself out of your own safe. The answer is easy call Los Angeles Locksmith. Our trained professionals can open a large amount of safes without having to damage the lock itself. In addition some safes can malfunction or have faulty locking mechanisms; in this case, a Los Angeles Locksmith can still open the safe without causing damage to the valuables inside.

Types of Safes we Service

There are multiple types of safes that each has their own advantages to ownership. Most safes that people think of are standard square box which stand alone in a closet or other enclosed spaces. These types of safes are normally fire proof or resistance to help defend any documents that may be inside. This is not the only type of safe that is available. Wall and floor safes each have their advantages but do come with a hefty price tag. Wall safes are easily concealable behind paintings or other hanging objects and are a good defense for valuable jewelry. Floor safes are less common and can be used to store valuables that are too heavy to be stored in a wall safe and these safes can be easily concealed under large pieces of furniture.

For whatever type of safe or safe services you are looking for make Los Angeles Locksmith your choice to have the service completed. Our professionally trained and licensed technicians are your best choice when you are looking to get your locksmith service complete right the first time. Talk with a Los Angeles Locksmith technician to discuss the installation or maintenance of your safe.

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A picture is worth 1,000 words – for an accurate quote over the phone for any service please submit a picture to After our technician views the photo he will be able to give you an exact price without even having to come to your location.

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