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In this great city of angels the locksmith services Los Angeles requested from our customers ranges so much from call to call that we wanted to break down all the services we offer to make it easier for our customers to make sure they are getting the locksmith service they really need. First is our residential locksmith service, these services include basically what the name states. Locksmith services for the home or residence, many of times we are called upon to perform lock changing task at a customer’s home. When we respond to such a call it is absolutely imperative that our locksmith show up with a fully stocked mobile service unit, since there are so many different types of residential locking systems we make it our goal to always have a full stock of each brand, security grade and color available for our customers.

Residential Locksmith Services Los Angeles

Upon arrival our technician will evaluate the situation and provide the customer with the correct locking mechanism to fit in with their existing locks. Changing locks is not all our residential technicians do; we are also able to rekey all locks. This simple means using the lock you already have and manipulating the pins inside of the lock to fit a new key. This service is mostly used by apartment complexes and landlords for rental properties. Aside from rekeying and changing the locks we are able to perform fresh installs of locks on doors with no existing locks and also install security cameras, systems, alarms and even home safes. It is the goal of our residential locksmith technicians to leave your home as secure as it possibly can be after each and every service we perform.

Auto Locksmith Services Los Angeles

Next on our list of services is our automotive locksmith service. This type of locksmith service revolves entirely around your vehicle, from your door locks to the ignition all the way to the trunk lock our auto specialist are able to provide complete care for all your automotive locksmith needs. The most common call we receive for this type of service is for car key replacement, since our technicians carry a wide selection of various make, model and year vehicle keys along with the machines to cut and program them you can be sure that our team will have the key you need to get you back on the road in no time at all. When our auto techs are dispatched to a call they arrive in a prompt fashion and get right to work, most of the time it is a simple key cut and program job but in other cases we are required to either rebuild the vehicle ignition or completely change it out for a new one.

Ignition changes can be a bit expensive since there is a ton of work involved, but even more labor intensive is the vehicle computer re flashing. There are only certain models of vehicles that require a complete re flash in order for a new key to be programmed to the car and for more information you can feel free to ask the customer service representative when calling in for service. Aside from the key aspect of automotive locksmith service there is also the door and trunk locks both of which our specialist are able to assist you with. Sometimes it is necessary to change the door locks if you have been a victim of theft, no one wants a criminal running around with the keys to get into your car. On the other hand old age on a vehicle and basic wear and tear can call for a lock change. This is not the easiest of task to complete but rest assured our expert techs are well equipped to perform all automotive locksmith services Los Angeles you may ever need. Please read in next week for the rest of the services available from your Los Angeles locksmith.

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