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Have you ever locked yourself out of your home? If you don’t have a friend or family member with a spare set of keys, you may be at a loss for how you can get into your house without breaking a window. Odds are you’ve needed a locksmith in LA at least once, but you haven’t known who to call. When searching for a reputable LA locksmith, keep the following tips in mind.

#1 Research Locksmiths Ahead of Time

The time to choose an LA locksmith is now, before you actually need one. Perform an online search, find a locksmith you trust and keep their number in your phone. When you need an LA locksmith, you’ll already have one that you can call.

#2 Make Sure Your LA Locksmith is Truly Local

Sometimes, locksmith companies advertise local services when they actually aren’t located nearby at all. If you use the services of this type of locksmith, you could end up paying a lot more than you expected to because of the travel expenses. When you need a locksmith in LA, double-check that they’re actually located where they say they are.

#3 Find Out if the Locksmith is Insured

It’s important that you only hire locksmiths that have insurance. In the event that your property is damaged while the locksmith is performing their job, they will be required to pay for the necessary repairs. Additionally, insurance will protect you if faulty work by the locksmith somehow leads to damage or loss.

#4 Get an Estimate from the Locksmith First

Before the locksmith begins his work – or before they even show up – make sure that you know exactly what you’ll be charged for. By explaining your situation in detail, the locksmith should be able to give you a fair estimate. The labor as well as replacement parts will be included in the price. Ask about any extra fees that may be tacked on. Also, find out if the locksmith charges a minimum for mileage or a baseline fee for all service calls. Even if you have a simple lockout problem, like being locked out of your car, you may still need to pay a higher fee than you expect.

#5 Ask the Locksmith for Documentation

Upon arrival, you should ask the locksmith for certain documentation. Aside from a business card, also ask for a locksmith license. Licenses are required in California and in a few other states throughout the U.S. Also, make sure that the invoice has the name of the company and that the listed vehicle matches the one that the locksmith is operating. Most of the time, locksmiths will be driving company vehicles that are clearly marked. Also note that it’s normal for a locksmith to ask you for identification as well in order to confirm your identity.

Once the locksmith has completed the work, make sure that you’re given an itemized invoice. The invoice should include everything the locksmith did and that you’re paying for, including replacement parts, mileage, labor and total price.

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