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If you have ever lost your vehicle key you already know exactly how frustrating of a time it can be, not only are you now unable to get where you need to be but car key

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replacement services is not the cheapest anymore. Since the 1990’s most vehicles have come equipped with a higher security key known as a transponder key. This transponder key has a small computer chip embedded inside of it that communicates with your vehicle confirming that it is the correct key which allows the ignition to turn over so you can drive. Keys with this chip inside of them are much more expensive than people are used to in the old days you could simply go to your local hardware store pay a few dollars and obtain a copy of your vehicle key.


Car Key Replacement Services Los Angeles

Not anymore; now to get a copy of your key before you lose it you must either go to your dealership or have them order it for you or call your car locksmith company and have them create the duplicate key that matches your vehicle.   Getting a copy of your key is much easier than getting total car key replacement, it is always wise to make sure you have a copy before you need it but sometimes that is not the way things work out. Car key replacement services are much more involved now than it was even 20 years ago. Since like previously stated vehicles come equipped with transponder keys car key replacement now requires the skills of a trained professional. You are still able to go to the dealership but most of the time you are going to have to spend some extra money to get the vehicle towed over to the dealer so they can use the vin and ignition. If you would like to save a few extra bucks your best bet is to call your local locksmith company and have them come right out to your location to make your car key replacement services right there on site. Now even though the locksmith option will save you money on the towing fees you must still understand that car key replacement is not a cheap service. Most vehicle keys blank meaning no cuts in them or any programming cost the locksmith company anywhere from $60-$90. Now once the key is obtained making the proper cuts in it to fit into your ignition also cost money usually around $20-$40 dollars depending on the machine needed to do the cuts. You see some keys require the laser cutting machine which requires key codes that are bought from the manufacture to put the cuts in your key.

If your car key replacement requires the laser machine chances are you will pay more than someone who does not require this high tech machine. Another cost is incurred when it comes to car key replacement that is the programming of the key to your vehicle again this will all vary on the maker of your vehicle ranging between $30-$90. So let’s break it down; we will go middle of the road for you to get a roundabout idea as to what it is going to cost you to get a car key replacement services. $165 dollars is the average costs to get a car key replacement now remember this price can vary depending on the type of vehicle you own, it could be more or it could be less. By contacting your local locksmith and providing them with the year, make and model of your vehicle you can receive the exact price for your car key replacement.

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